Story of an unusual meeting

At age 28 I had a vacation in Sri Lanka. One day, I visited a small monastery. A monk offered to show an unusual wall-painting on top of a mountain. When we arrived at the top, we entered a cave and the monk sat down in siddhasana, concentrating on me. All of a sudden, he was thrown away from me over a distance of 2 meters, against the wall, by some invisible force. The monk seemed very startled, got on his legs and took me to a well that was situated on top of that mountain. He made me kneel down and poured water over my head. He offered to drink the water as well. Down at the monastery, the monks and the taxi-driver engaged in a vivid discussion. When they finally calmed down, the taxi-driver told, the monk had tried to see my mind, but was thrown away by a dazzling white light that he saw instead. Their Buddhist (Hinayana) literature had no explanation for it, hence the vivid discussion.

The wall-painting was a sketch of what seemed to be a small rocket like vehicle with a pilot; according to what was translated, the monk said it was several hundreds of years old, long before the invention of airplanes :) It was situated on holy ground and forbidden for lay persons so it was unknown. According to the monk, there were so many similar paintings of that kind that it would take several days to see them all (they were scattered throughout the site).

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