Though the object is one, different minds see it differently

For one man, a dog is his best friend
For another man, a delicacy
For a small child, a source of fear
For the family MD, a source of infection
Yet it is the same dog.

Some monk sees a woman as a danger.
One man sees her as his mistress
Another man sees her as his wife
A child sees her as its mother
Yet she is the same woman.

For the lawyer of a suspect, the victim is wrong
For friends and relatives the victim is right
For the judge, the victim is a record
For the lawyer of the victim, a source of income
An onlooker sees the victim as the one who is suffering
But only the victim knows what that is.

A professor in thermodynamics sees cars as simple mechanical devices
Does this make him a better driver than the mechanic who repairs them?
The reflection of the moon in the lake at a windless night and at a stormy night
See things as they are but err on the side of caution for the underdog.

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