The pairs of opposites

The pairs of opposites, they sure can kill.
Take pleasure/pain, love and hate.
For many, just these two will turn the wheel of fate.
The ride of opposites means always paying Yama’s bill.
The pairs of opposites, they always made me ill.
How easy is it just to take the bait
and once more turn the heavy wheel of fate,
winding up once more in Yama’s ever active still.
The pairs of opposites, even in life one has to pay the bill.
Take truth/lie, enjoy and disgust.
Taking a risk can mean even in life one has to bite the dust.
And after life Lord Yama will enjoy another grill.
Real freedom, free from the pairs of opposites:
Lord Yama greets, bows and forever quits.

Yama (Restrainer) is the Hindu God of death.

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