The lighter side of waiting

What we do most could be called wait
Like it or not, it is our fate.
When we are born we do not know,
soon we’ll be passing through another gate.
Waiting for the flip of the unknown switch
called instant enlightenment without a cause,
that happens when we’re somewhat cleared from pitch
and in the meantime, why not take another pause.
Waiting for grace to happen without cause.
Behold - expectations will create a rift.
So take your time and one more pause,
consider life is always giving us a lift.
But if things go wrong some start to pray,
expecting things to change real swift.
If nothing happens some will say,
just wait and see, as praying always is OK.
Life is a wait called serpent’s fake.
Hey - time to take a coffee break.
But waiting will not change a fowl
into a silent and wise owl.

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