The game of life

Life is the game for the mind to become tame
Thinking to win is to loose yet it is ‘in’
It means back to the start when you have fallen apart
Then comes the next game and you will have a new name
Lost without Love you are never the same
So winning the game does mean loosing your name
Your mind is the game and you don’t have a choice
For That without form playing hunter and game
Can only be seen if you silence mind’s voice
Then starts a Fire that can burn all desire
A bliss in disguise for those who are wise
Unprepared, some are bound to get scared
Dispel all your fear and all will get clear
Don't spoil a tear over all that once cared
Hearing the Name will come next in this game
In the Book of the Game it’s the great hall of fame
For those content it’s a new Life, it’s the end
Not being content means it is just a bend
The rules of the game are no longer the same
The fuel for Fire is no longer desire
Mind is at peace now that it is tame
Mind is at ease, being cleansed by the Fire
Dissolving in Love from where it once came
Increasing the Fire to burn even the ashes
The volcano of mind starts consuming itself and then crashes
When it is even forgotten there once was a game
For the last time one will be hearing the Name
Unveiling the Pristine with infinite range
Supreme Beauty, One without change

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