The dance of tendencies

Tendencies being alive
Life seems like a painful jive
No escape from "Life" itself
And no solution from the shelf
One tendency can rip the rest
But for most that feels like pest
Meditate and pray and chant
A difference with "rave and rant?"
The energy of life-times' "voicing" as you see
Can't even boil my cup of pepper tea
And all the incense you will burn
Can't even force a U to turn
All those feelings of sheer bliss
Will end up in the Vast Abyss
"That" tendency will manifest too late
And one more time will seal a fate
Some tendencies just won't be be put on ice, you see
 It leaves a playful game no "I" can see
Life is supposed to be a joy
If not, the Vast Abyss would not be playing "coy"....
So much love goes to the guys
Of 'la salsera fiesta ciento-seis'

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