Two Chinese scientists, Ho Li Chow and Wok Ding Dong, have discovered a new fundamental particle:
the enlightenon , claimed to be the giver of consciousness.

Before the discovery, the scientists had theorized some properties of the enlightenon:

1 . both defies and obeys relativity valid for ordinary particles
2. responds to a force in a way that no  energy can be gained from it
3. explains the homogeneity of the universe's background radiation
4. always moves, yet can't be observed moving, so its rest mass is unknown
5. has zero energy when flying at infinite speed

Those familiar with AC, inductors, capacitors will know that a current can flow
through a cap or an inductor, without heating effects:
current and voltage vectors differ 90. The current runs but no power is generated.
Something similar goes for the enlightenon:
its Newtonian response to a force F was discovered to be: F =j*m*a
m =  observed mass
j = -1        (the square root of -1)
a = the acceleration as a result of the applied force

In common terms, it means the acceleration (and hence, the speed of the enlightenon)
always is a vector, at 90 with the applied force: IOW, if an ordinary particle
is moving in just 4 dimensions, the enlightenon is moving in 5. Wok Ding Dong recently
suggested, string theory regards an open chain of seven loosely coupled enlightenons,
whereas a closed chain forms the backbone of the chakra system, renowned for its
imaginary creations.

From Newtonian mechanics it is known that v = a*t
v: velocity
t: time
a: acceleration

substituting, v = F*t / (j*m)
The kinetic energy (Ek) of the particle,  mv^2 / 2:
E(k) = -(t*F)^2/2*m  which is negative!

That already explains many miracles: under proper conditions, kinetic energy of  matter
can be annihilated by the kinetic energy of enlightenons. Even an electron around a nucleus
has kinetic energy so the discovery of the enlightenon has an impact from quantum mechanics
to space travel. Kinetic energy annihilated, time does not exist, as many mystics have reported.

Leaving Newtonian mechanics,  energy can be expressed as E =  m o *c^2

m o = mass in rest relative to the frame of reference
c = speed of light in vacuum

For a particle relative to the observer's frame of reference, moving at a speed v:

E = m o c^2/ (1-(v/c)^2)

That value gets infinite when v = c but when v>c, the value becomes finite again but imaginary:
Above the speed of light, ordinary particles have an imaginary energy approaching zero at
infinite speed, or as many nondualists reported: the world (matter) is unreal.
Whereas ordinary particles after application of a force move with a real velocity v, an enlightenon
moves with an imaginary velocity, j*v. Thusly, the relativistic energy of the enlightenon is always
positive, and it can fly at any imaginary speed (which explains the homogeneity of the background
radiation), but the faster it flies, the less energy it has.

According to Ho Li Chow, the vacuum (void) is but a fluid of FTL enlightenons, escaping detection
due to their extreme speed. Due to their pressure on objects of ordinary matter, the universe expands.
At present, the scientists are working on two commercial projects:
1. the Wok Ding Decelerator, to slow down enlightenons to sub-lightspeed so they can be captured
2. the Ho Li Concentrator, to improve / create a 'holy feel' to any place by releasing enlightenons.

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