That day...

Veiled story on the magic potion
Much was omitted

On that memorable day
So bright and sunny, so serene
No wind was blowing
Yet all was moving
But as if dead and far away
The winds started blowing
And not a single leaf would move
A weight was felt on the shoulders
Heavy like hundreds of boulders
A powerful Silence was glowing
Life grinded to standstill
Yet the air was filled with a thrill
Not a single leaf had moved
On the head a crown was fitted
And before it could be approved
Electric storms started to play
As if the universe had to be born that day
Silence was solid like a rock
And then - that Sound - an infinite shock...
Peace at last and "there" to stay...
And it was know within a flash
This has to happen one more time
Before mind-body becomes ash...


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