Hi guys!
Still remember how good your first smoke tasted?
How well you felt, and how great food and drink
tasted after a smoke? If that revives dear memories,
listen to a word from our sponsor.
Each time you wake up, gargle with Niccotaste™,
the black syrup from the inviting brown bottle.
When swallowing accidentally, you automatically
take off, and while up there in the air, here's another
word  from our sponsor:
Our product ensures THE TASTE lasts throughout the day,
and is the best remedy against overeating as it will suppress
any feeling of hunger. Actually, it's better than smoking!
And the good news, neither your best friend nor your spouse
could tell you quit the habit, as your breath smells just as well
as it did before, and has retained the quality of a  lasting
preservative that irritates those nasty living cells to death!
By using our product Niccotaste™  you serve the community!

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