Salt doll

A salt-doll, a good friend of mine
Once paid a visit with some whine
Lots of talking - the conclusion:
What you need is an infusion.

Meditation will bring peace
Concentration comes with ease
Attentiveness without a pause
Revealing bliss without a cause

Progress went extremely fast
And my friend had lots of joy
Sadness belonged to the past
Yet the joy seemed like a toy

The salt-doll asked: "is there no more"
I haven't seen the other shore
Please show me more so I can find
Who is the Master of my mind

The salt-doll knew about the sea
That it was salt and she asked me
Let's go there to see the shore
I'll take a swim and ask no more

She was dissolving in the sea
exclaimed "it really feels a lot like me
I am all - who cares about the mind
Thanks for the help, one day you'll find...

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