Unconscious adaptation to changing conditions is termed "evolution".
Conscious adaptation to fundamental facts of life
a) transitoriness
b) inherent unhappiness due to unavoidable pains
is termed "transformation". Without the realization of emptiness
no transformation can take place. The term "happy one" refers to
the unlikeliness of events able to cloud the unwavering joy that has
no cause. The screen of perception shows images, sound and other
sensations of touch to which an organism responds.

It is impossible to prove the "outer" or "inner" quality of this screen
as in REM sleep the screen just continues, with different properties,
which are noticed only when the dream gets lucid and experiments
are taken. The screen is inseparable from the events appearing on it
and in deep dreamless sleep both are absent, or as some prefer to say,
the screen is empty but there's no awareness of it. Whether taken as
"outer" or "inner", creatures appearing on the screen treated in a
certain way will respond accordingly and continue to do so in every
bardo whereas your condition only deteriorates. That is but one example
of the power of the past which led to a saying like "treat every creature
like you want to be treated yourself".

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