Simple mensa test for the paranormally gifted

You answer a question with "yes" or "no" (Y/N): each "Y" adds 1 point.

Earthquakes are caused because:
A) The earth is hollow and on the inside, Bigfoots are living.
Sometimes they engage in marathon running and that might cause earthquakes. (Y/N)
B) Bigfoots are more warm-blooded than humans so they prefer living near volcanoes too.
When the volcanoes are less active, Bigfoots start stamping to get warm and sometimes
that causes volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. (Y/N)

In some countries, tap water still gets fluoridated because:
A) Otherwise too many intelligent people are born, who won't
be gullible and believe anything without proper arguments and
evidence, whereas the economy requires lawyers, salesmen, politicians,
soldiers and paranormally gifted people. (Y/N)
B) Fluorine reacts with dendrites, forming substances which fluoresce
when irradiated by aliens from UFOs so they know whom to pick up when
it's time for the rapture. (Y/N)

Ionospheric research (HAARP) is a coverup by the CIA, because
A) People's minds and the weather can be controlled by EM radiation
and huge tax increases are impending. (Y/N)
B) In reality, it aims at transforming the so called Schumann resonance
into the Schufrau resonance, to force emancipation of women in Islamic
countries. (Y/N)

Your score:

7: weak paranormal gifts. More success, next incarnation!
8: average paranormal gifts. Burn more incense for improvement.
9: superior paranormal gifts. Have you already thought about becoming the successor of Jesus?
10: you forgot to take your medicines and have been drinking too much, lately!

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