... Paradox...

Mind is the wishing tree, fulfilling whatever is fed into it,
but not in the same sequence
Creating the required conditions for fulfillment,
no matter what it takes.
Vowing never to vow is a paradox,
solved when it no longer can arise in the mind.
Seeing is sight itself and hearing is sound itself.
A paradox, a recursion of sight which is seeing which is sight... ad infinitum.
This paradox is solved when mind is dissolved.
What is indescribable compels to description; a paradox,
solved when what seemed describable has become indescribable.
An immortal values mortal life like the transience of a fragrant flower,
attracting and feeding many creatures although "just" an appearance.
Whereas a mortal values the seeming intransience, like that of  a plastic flower.
A paradox which isn't a paradox and that's what makes it a paradox.
Time does not exist, it is motion relative to motion,
only indicating change, like the arrow, once shot, cannot be called back.
Motion to define motion to define motion... Recursion again.
When silent bliss is confined to the cave of the Heart, no one cares.
When silent bliss is radiant and everyone would care,
no one remains to affirm, thus remaining confined yet unconfined.
A paradox, known to exist but not to arise.

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