The master said: "There is only Self"
"Who then does observe that?"

"How are you doing?"
"Very well, regularly, i am one with the universe"
"What when you're not?"
"Then i am one with my other thoughts"

The voice spoke "i am that".
"How can i be that when i hear this?"

Profusely perspiring, going uphill:
"I can't keep up with that any longer!"
"Why then do you carry along an empty, heavy bottle on your back?"
"The bottle contains my dear memories of experiences in the void"

The i from the nth shell asked "who am i?"
"Silly question" the i from the (n-1)th shell responded.
The (n-2)th i exclaimed "who is asking who am i !?"
The (n-3)th i, baffled, remained silent...
"Error! you just have been disconnected from the void"
the (n-4)th i reported, "contact god or your service provider".

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