Nonduality 101

Nonduality is a word translated from the Sanskrit word Advaita, wich literally means
"not two". Duality meaning "twofold", nonduality then indicates the absence of duality,
not one pole of a duality-nonduality polar pair. Nonduality regards absense of any sense
of division / separation, like me vs you, us vs them, good guys vs the bad guys etc. etc.
When the turmoil, inextricably related to such divisive issues disappears when
nonduality is actualized, an inner peace/bliss is uncovered which cannot be attained
otherwise. It results in a cool mind with a warm heart so indirectly, actualized nonduality
influences work and relationships profoundly and in ways that cannot be predicted.

To understand that, nothing is better than a scientific frame of mind because it enables
to summarize what such nonduality really is about and also why so many fail to actualize it,
and why "help" often is to no avail or worse, counterproductive.

Science regards a process of keen observation, interpretation, conclusions and the required
verification which when "OK", enables prediction of events / conditions not encountered yet
(IOW a theory). Theory proven, next project, repeat till pension or death
(whatever comes first).

All phases of the process take the subject-object relationship (scientist - project) for
granted whereas "the quest" (actualization of nonduality) solely regards this subject.
Whatever appears, does so via the senses, interpretation and making conclusions to this
subject, "me". Hence "the quest" singles that out for inquiry. Another way to word it is
with the question "who am I?". In this respect the issue of religion/atheism/philosophy
is irrelevant because both religion, atheism and philosophy appear to "me" as well. Also
irrelevant is the adjective "subjective": opinion, taste, arguments, like and dislike, all
pertain to "me" and only inquiry into this "me" matters, not whatever pertains to it.

In general, spiritual seekers are in a far worse position than scientists because their project
"enlightenment" includes like for certain teachings / teachers and dislike for others. So seekers
can be enmeshed in subject-object relationships without ever realizing that. Hence the use of the
verb "fail" and that in such cases, "help" is to no avail: what matters is "me" to whom everything
appears, including this text, and how to deal with the issue.

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