Mind the mind
Mind as the "blame it on"
Mind, the object for treatment in meditation
Whether directly targeted or not
Whatever practice, is aimed at the mind
Whereas the mind cannot even be found
What is it but a potential, ready to respond
The mind is neither good nor bad
It only knows concepts
It can only ratiocinate, differentiate, compare
 Know a universe within a grain of sand
Just to mention a few...
By itself, it is silent
It only responds when requested
It doesn't question its response
It doesn't question the questioner
Unless requested to do so
It cannot cling
It has no "nearest and dearest"
It knows neither pleasure nor pain
Nor does it distinguish between "head" and "heart"
Just to mention a few...
Those four, belonging to the departments of the "sentient entity"
And no matter how "educated", "beautified" or otherwise "modified"
The "sentient entity", caught within the pairs of opposites
Until its illusory identity burns out
Ashes remaining as mere concepts
Sentience remaining as a cinder
But enough "heat" being applied
- Any_thing will burn out -

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