Sentient life and emotive energy, not two but one
Two perspectives of the same
Emotive energy, the storehouse enabling a response
Due to a stimulus perceived by sentience
Emotive energy flows like a current
No current without a field
Movement in the field induces a current
What doesn't move remains unaffected
Resistance being high,
a high tension building up
A lot of heat despite a low current
Resistance being low,
tensions don't build up
high currents can flow
Fear, the highest resistance
No guilt without fear
No shame without fear
No embarrassment without fear
What would be required to "remove" fear?
For those "knowing" the answer to that,
a discussion is superfluous
For those, not "knowing" the answer,
no discussion can supply it.
Some egos are like a light-loving moth
But others are more like an asbestos cloth....

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