How could you know


To be a Satguru, just how can you know
Is it for real or is it for show
Is it a find of the devious mind
Or the disguise for someone unwise

In this case - one is caught in a maze
If mind has dissolved then nothing is there
Saying "I’m finally guru-aware"
But mind being there and an ant becomes bear

Mind is a tool except for the fool
For some it’s a maze that is filled with a haze
But it is hiding a wire that can kindle a fire
Clearing the maze and dispelling its haze

Liking the maze with its parties of craze
Will cost a lot so one will finally rot
Deluded once more without reaching the shore
Not knowing the real and just turning the wheel

So don’t be a pundit with knowledge and skill
For just turning the wheel without paying the bill


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