Regarding  free will   here is a simple experiment:
Sit on a chair, both feet on the ground.
Now, please lift one foot, and it doesn't matter which one.
Think it over... Which one will be lifted, right or left?
And when it has been lifted, was that because of:
         1. free will
         2. God's will
         3. determinism
         4. choice
         5. God's choice
         6. God playing dice
         7. I don't know
         8. love
         9. the Kundalini
         10. I don't care
         11. nobody cares
        12. All of the above
        13.  None of the above
        (pick what is appropriate)
And then, be happy   that  either
1.the issue of free will is solved at last  
2. the issue never existed at all!
       (pick what is appropriate)

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