Something fishy...

A deep sea fish isn't aware that it is surrounded by water,
that its body is mainly consisting of water,
unless it dreams to be out of the water and suffocating...
And when it wakes up, what can it tell?
That there is only water - but who would see?
Or that it has been dreaming to be out of the water?
When the dream becomes such a nightmare
as to be suffocating,
waking up is spontaneous
When the dream becomes lucid
the sudden  clarity it wasn't dreaming at all,
and there only is water
Those tragedies of renouncing the "dream" and then discovering there wasn't one...
The mercy, not to discover that at the end of a lifetime ...
Instead of renouncing the "dream"
Renounce the foolish notions about dream, dreamer and dreaming...
And live happily like that deep sea fish, knowing there is no dream, only water...
  ╣pun intended

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