Who knows the origin of meditation systems / yoga ?

First, a few assumptions have to be made.

1. Karma is a Multi Dimensional Texture of time/space/causation (MDT)
2. Surrender to God, culminating in strong devotion, has the potential to create wormholes in this MDT:
put in simple language, the Grace of God intervenes and miracles will happen.
3. The wormholes, thus created, are divided in two main-categories:
a. Wormholes for fully enlightened masters, no restrictions...
b. Wormholes with restrictions, resulting only in local miracles for "lesser" masters, yogis and devotees.
In a collective, the devotion adds up as is shown on pilgrimages etc.,
causing many local miracles like cures and apparitions of saints.

Because of 3a, it is possible to go back in time and appear as a kind of God for a young intelligent race with a developing potential to know and realize God. Myths and legends mention this (it was unknowingly abused by white colonialists). After a certain time, some members of the young race will experience 3b and become convincing teachers themselves. Some of them will after a long practice then fall under 3a - ancient history mentions this. When this happens, it is a sign of "mission accomplished" and AUM (A Universal Master) will leave. Because the master will try to "save" as many as possible during this cycle and jivas are moving forward in time, (s)he has to start with the newest intelligent race, often her/his own. Then, continuing the process, one master finally reached the time, when intelligent life in our universe manifested for the first time. So, seen on a linear time-scale in our universe, yoga (and any other system) really never was created anywhere: in one form or another, it has always been there - it will always be there. Likewise, the same goes for the entire MDT.

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