Fear requires a potential that can be activated, and a memory of past events
having activated the potential. The potential is required for survival and like
any potential, gets triggered for a first time. Skilled therapists might be able
to revive a client's memory of that event and achieve what their less skillful
colleagues can't.

Fear-causing stimuli vanishing, in the course of events the potential for it
vanishes as well. No fiction, but actually perceived in birds, the dodo and
Grayson's dove two examples, before they were exterminated by man fearing
to die without meat consumption. These birds didn't even have a potential to
recognize "predation danger" anymore. "Liberation" among others consists
in the dissolution of the potential to fear whereas the potential to see danger
regarding sentient creatures, not just remains but refines as the associated
emotional fog vanishes too.

Summarized, events that haven't happened (yet) can't be feared, only a repetition
of memorized past events and whether or not such memory abridges the grave
(fear of death) is irrelevant.

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