Dogs show a type of behavior, no wild animal shows:
The ability to recognize human behavior like pointing
to a box: the dog will be inclined to look there without
having been taught so, whereas a wild animal has to be
taught first. Domestication has changed behavior to the
extent that it is genetically "hardwired", like the sense
for music humans are born with, and no other terrestrial
creature shows.

There are no monkeys, organized in such a way as to cultivate
fruit trees. Instead, experiments have been done with a banana
buried under a heavy rock. Two monkeys can only remove it when
cooperating... But that never happens: the monkeys will fight, who
to be first to move the rock. When tired, the other monkey, having
regained strength after the lost fight, will beat up the other monkey
and that game repeats and repeats.

The joke, humans cooperate first, fight later. The difference, that
to a certain degree, man cooperates with fellow man, has been attributed
to man's ability of developing ethics. As to no surprise, the culmination
of the that development is Ahimsa. The other extreme, mass destruction as
shown during the previous century, the most violent one on record yet.
Sensitiveness to the suffering of other creatures correlates with the sense
for ethics whereas the behavior to act accordingly depends on the the
framework, society offers.

The question if man was domesticated was answered by Zecharia Sitchin in the
book "the 12th planet" with a "yes", showing major indications from scriptures
like Gilgamesh Epic (the funny story on Enkidu) and Bible. Another indication
could be the behavior of stray pets, having become "wild" again. The behavioral
treats, caused by domestication, are among the first to disappear. Other hints
are from the Upanishads, narrations of fathers instructing their son into the
knowledge of the Atman, as well as fathers cheating the gods, causing the son to
visit the lord of death.

According to Hindu chronology, this is the Kali Yuga, where the sense for ethics
is lowest, and from there, will increase. But there are Western sources denying that
for the simple reason that ethics require trust/faith/agreement/sharing: properties,
de-selected by institutions like capitalist democracies, as the contenders for "boss"
can only offer a better "future" than the opponent by a process of clever lying and
cheating in a way, bordering on illegal action: the "humanized" version of the monkeys
fighting for the banana, the "enlightenment circus" isn't an exception. History shows
this fairly well, with the steady decline in ethics even too obvious on this mini island
paradise, the Canaries.

The conclusion won't be difficult: human ethics restored (again), civilization will follow.

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