The joy of error messages

Ever experienced the joy, having to activate one's version of Windows
because the system suddenly concludes the software is pirated? And that
subsequently the activation program locks up the computer? No big deal
when having bought a version of the OS on CD but a kind of hell when the
computer came with the OS installed as OEM version - hence no access to a
proper CD - only to those available locally. In my case, there wasn't a
single CD with the proper OS version in the entire country!
So restoring the system in such a way that activation is possible with
a chance to full recovery, with improper CDs is quite an adventure.
Some of the error messages were quite funny: a summary follows.

When nothing seems to work, there's the MS "Fix it" program

But without the help at Internet Activo where after some 3 hours of tinkering
with installation CDs, activation went swiftly, it would have been impossible to
even restore the system to the state with these error messages - which could be dealt
with after some detective work.

When it comes to networking, this is fun too:
Connected while not connected

In rural areas, Movistar offers the so called "EDGE" network. In theory an
improvement of GPRS and able to provide data at a maximum speed of ~220 Kbps.
Just watch what that turns out to be in practice:

Great advice to contact Movistar via the web when you can't connect eh?
Those able to reach the next level are to meet this:

OK, at this level, better try it in Spanish:

Another network? See which ones are available:

Oops! Where did Movistar go?
Those who still won't give up access the next level:

The last level requires a degree in astrology, unless you do the math:
At last, connected with a prehistoric 6 Kbps?

Why is the E-mail playing dead? Ping gives the answer:

99% packet loss and a response time over 3 SECONDS?

Has to be the slowest network in the cosmos!
Unsurprisingly, there's a "traffic" graph as well:

In case it wasn't clear yet, what happens is sending data
but nothing is received: the connection is dead.

The lesson might be clear: for an academic degree in patience,
subscribe to the Moviflop TURTLE - um - EDGE network.

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