A busy mind is running hot
Distinctions made where they should not
And if I were to make a prison of one kind
I would imprison with a 'scientific' mind
Coz even at the end of thinnest rope
It can only synthesize more hope
And what for some would be despair
For such a mind is only pulling out a hair
Such minds de-light in 'ego stuff'
And de-light more when the discussion will get rough
A high IQ will be to no avail
It will succeed to make a perfect jail
What is - apparently that bores
Thinking is what "ego" so adores
Intuition is its greatest threat
Circular thinking is what it's at
One clever sheep outside the flock
Could you show "ego" and ad hoc?
I'm sure you can't and no one can
But it will keep you talking man 

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