no matter how i try
my connection soon will die
trying more and even more
makes connecting such a bore

i was trying oh so hard
connecting such an awful art
but at last i'm back again
i'm just waiting when.... CLICK!

oh what an act
shall i get mad
or go to bed

and it happened once again
connecting - an expensive con
this dial-up is not my cup
and there's no way of backing-up

oh what the heck
i'll give the telephone a whack
coz whining was'n meant for me
another try and see...
hurray - i'm back!

oh - not again
and always waiting when
but irrespective of connection tide
i sure did learn how to abide

dragline - another disconnect
as if there is a secret pact
once again thrown off the line
but it's almost rise and shine

time to take a little nap
have some wine at dreamer's tap
will be back at - i don't know
but i'm leaving from the show

the dragline came
the line went down
despite my frown
i lost all faith
it's out of place
the telephone
canary bone

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