The lighter side of dedication

To dedicate is self to forget
But dedicate to what usurps?
Instead of that, dedication to a pet
And even if it loudly chirps
Dedication is to put the horse before the cart
But dedicate to risk a roaring snore?
Instead of that, dedication to an art
And it will also keep away the dom of bore
Dedication is onepointedness in action
But dedicate to farts?
Dedicate to art, farting is distraction
And why not hit the charts
Dedicate - distraction will spontaneously quench
But dedicate to one pretending not to fart?
The horse breaks lose, it cannot tolerate the stench
Pretending isn't a fine art
Dedication is the art of balancing
But dedicate to what can run away?
Dedication to an art is for the heart to sing
And that goes even for a lay
Dedicate to ancient dedication off the shelf
Such dedication is the supreme art
When strong enough it will succeed to eat itself

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