Lately, there had been some weird feelings.
So sir Fritz visited an exorcist, who told him his
ego had been infested with woodworm, a nasty
creature that would not stop until it had gobbled
up the entire ego! As sir Fritz managed to function
properly despite the intense fear, the exorcist
suggested him to seek help from a famous shackman,
called Bucksing Mee Woo (BMW man for devotees)..

Bucksing Mee Woo started to diagnose sir Fritz:
"Your ego needs an upgrade first. It has to be made strong
enough to face the woodworm, so that it gets accepted
as a challenge to reject it. What you need is a cure with
concepts - ego woodworms despise them. To begin with,
a course on the constituents of the ego, how they influence
each other, and how to harmonize their random vibration
using the cosmic scales as indicated by your horoscope.

Next, there has to be a boost of selfishness as without that,
it is impossible to know what is meant with a spontaneous act
of selfless profits. This requires a course on the ego's higher
and lower selves, and the soul which is unaffected by them,
and how the three are on warfare in your body, which is why
you are so obese: to make room for three entities who like to
have a private place and a large battlefield as well.

The higher self has to learn how to conquer the lower self, and
when that has been done, it can train the ego woodworm to dig
astral holes in the fabric of multidimensional space-time, which
will serve to perform seeming miracles by hyperspace projection.
In order for this to have an optimized market value, a crash course
in advanced spiritual individuality is recommended. Graduating
from this course will entitle you to use the title of "gooroo, B.S.".*

Then you'll be ready for the course in soul-stirring events
for professionals, to get the taste of what it could be like when
the soul controls more higher and lower selves, the egos, and itself,
and gets so ethereally dense, that it spontaneously disintegrates
into the subset of the overself which only knows the supreme
"above (no-)others".

Please pay $1,010 for this diagnose and $5,500 for the first
course in "constituents of the ego", sir Fritz."

*B.S. = Bachelor of Science

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