Sometimes creatures are termed biocomputers.
Body, the hardware, with Basic Operating System,
(BOS) the software (programs) to keep functioning.
Functions like breathing, hunger, thirst, sleep,
replication. For some creatures this fills the day,
for others, leaves leisure.

Creatures like humans show a function to be aware of
functioning, which is recursive: as if the software could
fully understand the computer it is running on. Yet, all
issues from the decision of the proper color for toilet
paper to "thou art that" or warfare, exclusively regard
the software running on the biocomputer called "human".

The model doesn't violate observation: at birth, there is no
"user" software. Upbringing and education takes care of that
well, to the extent of veiling the self-evident clarity at birth
with ongoing subroutines of evaluating and judging, so that
instead of a mere object seen, interpretations and opinions
show instead. Replacing them with different ones won't change
much, could be termed "cosmetical". Only when the situation
is experienced in a sense as "unsatisfactory/dream/zombie",
and a point of no return is seen, the subroutine "deconditioning"
(it never was lost) arises by itself and will work swiftly, when
met with cooperation.

The well-known physical analogy is that fasting restores
health - instinctively known to and practiced by many if not all
"lower" (sic!) animals: wild animals have little or no room for
"user-software" (learned conditioning). Contrary to popular belief,
there's much activity going on during a fast but it is hidden and
only some effects of that are noticed: initially, there might be
symptoms similar to a cold and feeling tired: the house-cleaning
activity leaves little energy for "business as usual".

The moment, functioning has been restored to the extent that
when an object is seen, no interpretation arises unless required,
is self-evident and goes under obfuscating terms like enlightenment,
self-realization, apperception.

Next, the relationship between BOS, hardware and software can
become apparent: the issue to disable the possibility of accepting
unasked-for user software. The subjective term, the end of the mental
component of suffering (the turmoil, mills of the mind).
In biological terms, the end of emotional memory: only events "now"
can evoke emotions: a stone thrown in a pond causing ripples, dying out
by themselves).

Samadhis are like suspensions of functioning - in nirvikalpa
samadhi, the "aware of" function remains intact but all senses,
presenting information otherwise, are sound asleep, as is the
"inner commentator". In deep dreamless sleep, the "aware of"
function is suspended too: only a watchdog remains, to activate
all programs when a sensory threshold is exceeded.

Which leaves the physical component of suffering: mere pain.
It requires a radical change of BOS - pain is an alarm function
for protection. Yet, disabling it is possible too - but takes the
major part of a human life.

Of course, the above has only been observed by a program
running on a biocomputer - a somewhat modified one though ;-)
No computer stores the unchangeable to which neither ones nor
zeros apply!

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