Analogy of the house

Now let's enjoy a little pun
Analogies are always fun
The mind is like a house with floors
And rooms with many, many doors

The basement is the darkest place
to meet our "phantoms" face to face
The meaning of the LR will be clear
Most of the time is passed inhere

The dormitory is just for the night
When "phantoms" get alive and perhaps start a fight
Sometimes we'll go onto the roof
Where all is clear but sometimes so aloof

On waking up some phantoms disappear
They were a product of the unknown fear
Unknowingly created
They will last until dissipated

There's something that the phantoms cannot face
It's called the radiance of empty space
The phantoms will convey some of their fear
Hold on to emptiness and all will disappear

When emptiness becomes a lasting douse
It will be clear
The dweller is the same in every house

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