....a symbol....
1. This symbol will be clear - very clear indeed
The flower is a rarity - a rare mutation of a common weed
Not allowed to grow, let alone to blossom
So it mutates - desperate to survive
2. Self-realization is rare - although there is nothing to realize
Not allowed to happen in society, let alone to blossom
 That species is dying out
As Life itself doesn't have to survive
3. Life with a capital "L" is insentient, neither comes nor goes
Sentient creatures come and go in never ending succession...
What is a sentient life but one of the many tears
Seemingly emptying and filling the ocean of the one Life
 It is all the same water 
4. The "sentient entity" with a sense of "I" is called selfish
Without a sense of 'I' is called liberated
Although "true liberation"  is said to consist of the annihilation of this "sentient entity"
Implying "all issues pertaining to the sentient entity  are moot"
Which neither leaves the tears nor the ocean, just water.
5. Rarely realized, yet only this is "liberation in a living body"
Although there is nothing to realize...
Just a rare mutation,
....a symbol....

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